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ConvergenceNow is a nonprofit 501(c)3 platform moving community organizations toward community well-being, with the church leading the way.


ConvergenceNow exists to equip and empower local Great Commission churches and para-church organizations to team together with their communities to meet specific needs, bless the community with an outpouring of God’s love and grace, and build life-changing relationships for eternity.


Water Bucket Splash

Like water coming down from a big bucket at a waterpark and drenching everyone in its path, let’s partner together to see your church drench your community with God’s love.  Your community needs your church to be the lighthouse and city on a hill the God intended it to be.


Customized Mix Personalized

Simply contact us and we will swiftly move forward in our partnership with you.  We understand that you are extremely busy with overflowing demands, so allow us to take the lead and bring you step by step through our pipeline.  While you keep doing your day to day, we can help your church keep on track with the Great Commission.  Click to find the “simple as A-B-C” process that you can expect.


Mission Interact

Because we are stronger together, organizations within communities need to come together with the church leading the way as the lighthouse and city on a hill.  More partnership and less competition.  More levels of integration and less compartmentalization.  More of God’s way than our way.  God-sized outcomes await!


CN All the Way Large Group
What is Convergence Now?

ConvergenceNow exists to equip and empower local Great Commission churches and para-church organizations to team together with their communities to meet specific needs, bless the community with an outpouring of God’s love and grace, and build life-changing relationships for eternity.

Broken Bridge
Why is there a need for Convergence Now?

Like a broken bridge, many churches today are lacking a relationship with their own community and would admit that they are struggling with local community outreach. This is understandable (but not excusable) because our culture is changing so rapidly.  With a society that is quickly moving away from God, the calling for the church to be the leading influencer in their community still remains the same.  So, how does the church return to relational relevancy and back on the radar of their community?  The ConvergenceNow team will partner with your church on how best to do this in your community.

Who is Convergence Now for?

When a community becomes a “Converging Community,” exponential impact will be the result. In other words, a local community (churches, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, government organizations, etc.) that comes together for a common cause will experience God-sized results. Convergence Now exists to connect your church to your local community. Contact us to explore the right partnership opportunity for you!



For Phase A, our team will walk through assessments together, both inside and outside of the church, that will help us identify your specific areas of need in relation to effective community outreach.  Phase A will include community research and analysis in order to develop a deeper understanding of your context for ministry.  Phase A will also include independent strategic diagnostics where we will conduct objective surveys of church health, strengths, opportunities and resource needs leveraging staff and lay leadership interviews and data analytics.

Community Touches


For Phase B, our team will partner with you to build a personalized strategic plan with a facilitating framework and process that enables your leadership team to develop the vision, objectives and strategy to impact your community with the Gospel.

Community Touches Environments


For Phase C, our team will connect you with specialists who will lead “How to” training in domains relevant to your ministry’s strategic objectives and plans.  Phase C includes options for ongoing support to ministry staff and lay leaders in executing the community connection plans.

Community Touches Specialists


ConvergenceNow started piloting churches during the Fall of 2016. In January of 2017, CN officially began partnering with churches across the nation.

Booking for 2018 and beyond is currently underway.

Where does a community turn when the church is not on their radar?


Exponential positive impact occurs when churches partner together to reach their community.
Mission Interact

Mission Interact is a nonprofit platform, based in Oviedo, FL, that creates opportunities for churches to interact with each other and its local community with the Gospel at the center of it all.  They have been doing this for almost a decade!  The following are the results of what can take place when just one week of convergence happens in a local community:

About 325 middle school, high school, and adult volunteers from 29 different local churches and 42 different local schools were engaged in this particular year of Mission Interact.  They worshipped at 7 different host churches and were able to complete 137 projects to further God’s Kingdom.  Mission Interact sponsored 4 buses ($1500.00 each) for the Orlando Children’s Church initiative that will provide transportation to many for an entire year.

ConvergenceNow wants to say thank you to Mission Interact for providing a platform allowing churches to team together while waving the banner of Jesus to their local community!  Every year, the city of Oviedo, FL feels the impact of convergence and are better for it.

Philadelphia Cityscape

With healthy and equipped local churches and Christian organizations leading the way in community convergence, the benefits are real and measurable.

According to a recent study conducted in Philadelphia, PA in conjunction with a secular research firm based out of Center City, PA, the following was discovered (O’Reilly 2011):

  • 12 healthy local congregations equaled approximately $50,577,098 in annual economic benefits to the community.
  • In West Philadelphia, Calvary Methodist Church reported helping 100 people find employment last year. With each job valued at $14,500, the category alone added $1.45 million to its $2.6 million halo effect in the community
  • According to Robert Jaeger, executive director of the research group Partners for Sacred Places, the contribution of religious congregations to their communities are estimated “to be 20 to 30 times bigger than we knew”.


2017-2018 Leadership Team
Nathan Wilder
Nathan Wilder
Nathan is on a mission to see churches/organizations within local communities, around America and the world, team together resulting in exponential impact and Kingdom advancement. His bride of 13 years, Amber, continues to inspire him, and everyone, to be awesome and not average! They have 4 energetic kids that they love so much: Reese (12), Macey (9), Lexie (7), and Daisy (4).

Nathan is currently working toward his doctorate and has previously received his Masters of Divinity and Arts in Religion degrees from Liberty University. He received his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from Florida State University. He also co-authored, Equip- Building Student Leaders while at Liberty.

He has served in 2 local churches over the past 15 years (CrossLife Church, Oviedo, FL and Liberty Heights Church, Liberty Township, OH).

Nick Cervellera, Operational Advisor
Hall Powell, Development Advisor
Rick Hall, Strategy Advisor
Rian Seipler, Strategy Advisor

A converging community is closer to revival when the church leads the way


Our mission is to equip and empower local Great Commission churches and para-church organizations to better connect with their community through:


During Phase A of our process, we will study the 3-5 mile radius surrounding your church and look for dots to connect with your church.  We will begin to zero in on the spiritual potential that can be realized when bridging your church with the community.


During Phase B of our process, we will partner with you to begin building the plan that God puts together.  This plan will be the result of the Phase A data, along with quality time spent together with your team and our team.


During Phase A of our process, we will study your church through a community outreach lens.  Through questionnaires and interviews, we will learn your context.  This will help us to begin connecting dots between your church and the community.

Equipping Seminars/Coaching

As a result of Phase A and Phase B, we will execute Phase C.  For Phase C, we will connect the right specialists to meet your needs.  Our specialists will equip, coach and mobilize your congregation to connect the dots discovered in the A-B-C process.

Are we showing the next generation what it can look like to be the church?


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The Effective Church Goes To The Community And Doesn't Wait For The Community To Come To Them, Thereby Becoming Relationally Relevant And The City On A Hill That God Intended.

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